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Twin Hollow Camp Ground
  • Three night minimum stay in cabins.
  • Four night minimum stay during Trailfest.
  • Valid Credit Card Required.

Special Offers

  • $150-$250 Discount with a 7 Night Stay (1 Night Free At Base Rate)
  • Offer does not apply with Saturday check-in.

Check-in after 3:00PM

Check-out before 11:00AM

Payment Terms for Cabins

  • All cabin reservations require half the total amount as a deposit payable by VISA or Mastercard.
  • Upon reservation the cabin(s) is taken off the rental market, and held for the renter.
  • Balance paid in full 14 days prior to arrival by Visa or Mastercard on file.

Cancellation Policy & Refunding For Cabins

  • Cancellations prior to 30 days of arrival will result in a cancellation fee of $53.00, plus 6% of fee incurred at booking and refunding.
  • Cancellations 30 days - 15 days of arrival will result in loss of deposit.
  • Cancellations 14 days - day of arrival will forfeit total amount paid.
  • Charge Backs: Guest will not claim any charge backs or credits from his/her credit card company for any fees charged to his/her credit card, including but not limited to deposit, balance, or additional damage or security deposit fees.
  • There will be no refund for failure to show, early departure, or bad weather.

Parking Information for Cabins

Cabins 1-8

  • 1 - 2 vehicles & 1 - 2 atv trailers allowed at Cabin. Additional vehicle & trailer will be parked in over flow parking at a charge of $10 per night.
  • This is to ensure parking for machines. DO NOT PARK OR DRIVE ON GRASS.

Cabins 9-11

  • 2- 3 vehicles & 2- 3 atv trailers allowed at Cabin. Additional vehicle & trailer will be parked in over flow parking at a charge of $10 per night
  • This is to ensure parking far machines. DO NOT PARK OR DRIVE ON GRASS.

(Tents & Camping Units Are Not Allowed At Cabins)

Cabin Information Before Arrival

  • Call before arrival if the number of guests decreases; to avoid charges incurred at booking.
  • Please remove dirty shoes/boots before entering cabin.
  • Please do not sit on couch with muddy clothes on.
  • Our blankets are washed between every guest. Do not bring bed linens, blankets, pillows, etc. into the cabins without permission.
  • Sleeping bags not allowed.
  • No canopies allowed in front yards (grass) of cabins. Canopies are allowed on graveled area.
  • Pets are not allowed in cabins or cabin yards.
  • All cabins are a smoke free environment.
  • Grills are not allowed on cabin porches or inside cabins.
  • No Coolers allowed in cabins.
  • Number of Guests in or at cabin shall not exceed number & names listed on signed Cabin Rental Agreement. You will be charged accordingly if this is violated.
  • We do not allow a guest to depart and someone else take his/her place. We do not allow others to join the group later on without prior permission.
  • Cabin yard can not be used as a meeting spot for groups who are not registered as staying at Twin Hollow. Please see office staff to Rent an Area for your large group gathering/picnic/meeting.
  • We do not rent cabins/campsites/Papaw's Place to individuals nor groups under the age of 21.
  • Keep all gas and gas cans away from cabins and off the grass. Fill ATV/bikes on the gravel areas.
  • No fireworks and NO parties allowed.
  • Maids: We do not provide daily maid service.
  • Cabins do not have telephones. Verizon works best in our area.
  • You might want to bring charcoal, charcoal starter, grill utensils, oven mitts, & outdoor folding chairs.


Twin Hollow reserves the right to delete, add, or modify any/and or all these policies at any time without notice or notification.
Any changes become effective immediately whether or not this or any publication from Twin Hollow is amended to reflect those changes.

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