Directions from Williamson

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Twin Hollow Camp Ground & Cabins

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From Pikeville, KY, through Williamson, WV to Gilbert, WV:
1. Traveling on US 119 South (look for the Williamson Coal House sign. Turn right across the bridge.
2. Welcome to Williamson, WV sign. Turn left onto truck route 52. Truck route is about 1 mile.
3. Turn right onto truck route 52. Yield, then cross railroad tracks.
4. Turn right onto 52 south. Two stop signs ahead. Continue 52 South for 11 miles.
5. Just past the Taylorville, WV sign, turn right onto 65 South for one mile.
6 Turn left toward Gilbert, WV (Mike Whitt Memorial Highway for 9 miles.
7. Turn left onto 44 North for 2 miles.
8. Turn right onto 52 South toward Gilbert, for 8 miles.
9. Slow down when you see the Welcome to Gilbert sign.
10. Turn left at entrance to Twin Hollow Campground & Cabins. 1 mile to top of mountain.