R.D. Baily Lake & Spillway
Justice, WV
304-664-2828 304-664-3229
Area Attractions
Ward Hardware & Furniture
(304) 664-3217
Route 52 & Main St, Gilbert, WV 25621

White's Appliance & Furniture
(304) 664-3353
52 Main St, Gilbert, WV 25621
Domino Printing & Advertising
(304) 664-3577
Route 52, Gilbert, WV 25621
Grocery Store:
Peoples Supermarket
210 Larry Joe Harless Drive,
Gilbert, WV 25621
(304) 664-9110
Restaurants In Gilbert:
Dave's Self Service
(304) 664-9941

Pit Stop
Main St, Gilbert, WV 25621
(304) 664-3345

Route 52, Gilbert, WV 25621
(304) 664-3677
Barber/Beauty Shop:
Auto Repair and Parts:
Rick's Auto Parts
Us Rt. 52, Gilbert, WV 25621
(304) 664-3331

Justice Auto Repair
Rt.52 Justice Hollow Rd. Justice WV
(304) 664-2926

Blankenship Tire Service
U.S. 52 Hanover, WV 24839
(304) 664-8259
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Richards Barbershop Walk-ins

Debbie's Professional Touch
(304) 664-8823
Hatfield and McCoy
Moonshine Distillery
297 James Avenue
Gilbert, WV 25621.
(304) 664-2821
Historic Hatfield Cemetery
Grave Site of Capt. Dvil Anse Hatfield
Address: Hwy. 44, Sarah Ann, WV
Accessible Through The
Rockhouse Trail System
Clear Fork Valley Golf Club
2711 Oceana, WV 24870
(304) 682-6209
18 holes public course
Trails End Liquor
U.S. 52, Gilbert, WV 25621
(304) 664-6789
Night Life:
Razzles Dance Club
Rt. 52 Main Street;
Justice, West Virginia 25621
(304) 664-2718

Club Infinity LLC
37 Mingo Highway
Man, WV 25635
(865) 304-3906

Keith's Bar & Grille LLC
20 Mingo Highway,
Man, WV 25635
(304) 583-2758
Rockhouse Trail System
Most noted for being the largest
single trail system and for being
one of three original HMT systems
(opened in October 2000). The trail
is also noted for its wide variety of
all types of trail riding.
Lizard Creek Speedway
Located In Hanover, WV
Southern West Virginia's
Fastest 4/10's of a mile dirt track.
Friday: Fourwheeler Drag Races
Saturday: Dirt Track Racing
Convenience Stores:
Dare to Dance with the Devil
Ride with the spirit of “The Devil
through the hills and hollows of
Southern West Virginia, where
moonshine and mayhem helped
ignite the infamous 19th Century
Hatfield-McCoy Feud
Hatfield & McCoy Airboat Tours
Matewan, West Virginia - Tug River
Phone: (304) 235-9090   Cell: (304) 928-7702
Trail 12 BBQ
(304) 664-8864
On Site At Twin Hollow

(304) 664-3205
Po Box 689, Gilbert, WV 25621

Las Brisas
(304) 664-2020
918 Gilbert, WV 25621
Devil Anse Trail System
Connects the two other Hatfield
McCoy Trail Systems- Rockhouse
and Buffalo Mountain- allowing Twin
Hollow guests direct access to over
300 miles of trails.
Buffalo Mountain Trail System
Known as the most historic trail
system, as well as the one with the
most single track trails. This
System has three community
connectors at Matewan, Delbarton,
and Williamson, WV.
Bearwallow Trail System
Only 25 miles from Twin Hollow
allowing for easy trailering to the
trail head for a days ride. Although
small it is known for its 4x4ing trails
and for its mix of easy riding and
scenic vistas.
Local Businesses
Twin Hollow's Private Pond
1 Acre Fishing Pond at Twin Hollow
Stocked: Small Mouth Bass, Rock
Bass, Channel & Blue Catfish