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Thank you!
By observing these rules and regulations we can work together to ensure a fun time will be  had by
all. We certainly hope you enjoy your stay on our mountain top. We hope you want to come back to
Twin Hollow Campground  time after time. If there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.
If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.
Twin Hollow Campground is not responsible for any theft, loss by fire, or accident. Use of any of the
facilities is strictly at your own risk. Registered guest will be held responsible and pay for any
damage to property, facilities, etc. caused by themselves, their family and/or guests.
* Registration: Please register at the campground office upon entering the campground.   
Guest filling out the registration form will be held countable for all members of their group,   
including visitors.

* Check in: Check-in is after 3:00PM. Check-out is before 11:00AM. If you decide to stay past  
11:00AM:  Check in our office to make sure the site is available.  Pay for the site before
leaving to ride the trails.

* Quiet Hours: Quiet time is from 11:00PM until 7:00 AM. Children under 18 will be on their site by   
11:00PM unless accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. We realize you may need a late   
check-in.  If you arrive for check-in after 11:00PM, please be very quiet setting up your site.
Please wait until the next morning before unloading your ATV's.

* Site Occupation: 4 guests per site. 1 vehicle & 1 ATV trailer per site. 1 RV or 1 Travel Trailer, or
1 Tent per site . Tents are not allowed on full hook-up sites or at the cabins. Number of guests
shall not exceed number listed on signed registration form.  More than 4 guests, ask for 2 sites.

* Visitors: Only those guests registered to the cabin shall occupy that cabin at any given time. You
will be asked to leave with no refund if this policy is violated.
* Concrete Patio: Patio is for picnic table and lawn chairs only. Do not place  grills or park ATV’s   
on patios.

* Bathrooms: Please do not wash riding clothes in the bathrooms/showers.

* Smoking Policy: All cabins and buildings are a smoke free environment.

* Speed Limit: 5 M.P.H. through campground.

* Water: Do not wash vehicles, ATV’s, trailers, etc. on site. The town of Gilbert has 2 car                  
 washes.  Since Gilbert is an ATV friendly town you can ride your ATV or motorcycle directly to the  
 car wash.

* Visitors: All visitors must register in the campground office before proceeding to any area of the

* Children: All children under the age of 18 shall remain under the immediate supervision of their  
 parent or legal guardian at all times.

* Underage: We do not rent campsites/cabin
s/Papaw's Place to individuals or groups
 under the age of 21.

* ATV’s: Obey
Hatfield-McCoy Trial Rules.  Please do not park or ride your ATV on the grass or
 concrete patios. Keep on graveled road as you access the trail. No riding back and forth through
 campground area, this creates an unsafe environment for children at play. No riding ATV’s after
 dark in the campground or on the trails!

* Gas /Gas Cans: Keep all gas/gas cans away from cabins and off the grass. Fill ATV’s/bikes on the
 gravel areas.

* Helmets: When riding your ATV or dirt bike helmets must be worn at all times (on the trails and
 campground area).

* Vehicles: Do not park motorized vehicles of any kind on the grass.

* Bikes: Bicycles may be ridden on roadways only. Children must wear an approved helmet.

* Trash: Please help us keep the campground clean and attractive. Boy Scout Motto: Leave it better
  than you found it. Garbage bags are available at the campground office. Do not put or burn
  garbage in the fire rings. Please place your bagged trash on the cart near the campground office.
  Do not leave garbage outside overnight.

* Firewood: We sell firewood at the campground office. USDA Forest Service has asked that
 firewood not be transported state to state. Please do not transport firewood
 from your state/home.

* Campfires: Obey WV Burn Law. We want you to enjoy your campfire. For the safety of our
 campground please keep campfires contained in the fire rings provided on each site. Fires must
 be attended at all times. Please do not burn glass, cans, or Styrofoam in the fire rings. *Do not
 move the fire rings. Grass will not grow in an area where a fire ring has been.

* Trees: Cutting trees and shrubs is prohibited.

* Tables/Grills: We provide 1 picnic table and 1 fire ring/grill for each campsite. Please do not move
  them to another site without permission.

* Personal Conduct: Please be considerate of others. Disorderly, ill-mannered conduct or
 drunkenness will not be tolerated. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior at all

* Drinking: Alcoholic beverages must be consumed on your site. Underage drinking, use of drugs,
 or excessive use of alcoholic beverages will result in immediate removal by local authorities.

* Firearms: Firearms of any kind are PROHIBITED at all times, including BB guns, slingshots, etc.

* Fireworks: FIREWORKS ARE PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES!  You will be asked to leave immediately
 if you choose to ignore this rule. NO REFUND!

* Pets: You must register your pet when you check-in. Pets must be on a leash and not left
 unattended. Please keep them quiet and under control. It is your responsibility to pick up after
 them. Pets with a prior bite record are prohibited. Absolutely no pets allowed in cabins or on cabin

* Weather Policy: No refunds, credits, nor changes due to weather.
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Thank You !
We appreciate you taking the time to read our policy page.
As you can see the rules are designed to provide a safe and fun
experience for everyone.
See CAMPSITE page for additional information.
See CABIN page for additional information.
* Smoking: All cabins and buildings are a smoke free environment
* Maid: We do not provide daily maid service.
* Coolers: Ice coolers are allowed on porch, but not inside cabin.
* Pets: Absolutely no pets allowed in cabins or on cabin sites.
* Bathrooms: Please do not wash riding clothes in the bathrooms/showers.
* Grills: No Grills are allowed on cabin decks or inside cabins
* Visitors: Only those guests registered to the cabin shall occupy that cabin at any given time.      
          You will be asked to leave with no refund if this policy is violated.
* Gas /Gas Cans: Keep all gas/gas cans away from cabins and off the grass..Fill ATV & bikes
                      on the gravel areas.
* Muddy Riding Equipment: do not wear riding boots or muddy shoes/boots inside cabin do not
                                sit on couch or beds with muddy clothes.
* Cabins do not have telephones.  Verizon works best in our area.